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Hang out with The Boys in the new SFX

The cover and some of the contents of SFX issue 330.
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Those sleazy superheroes The Seven are the cover stars of SFX magazine issue 330, which is now sitting in the shops, patiently waiting for you to take it home. Below we run down just a few highlights of the issue; alternatively, you can get a feel for the contents by skimming through this digital preview.  
Remember: if you are shielding, self-isolating, or just minimising your trips outdoors, you can always buy a copy online and have it delivered to your door. In the UK, the price (including P&P) is the same as buying it in the shops!

The Boys

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Da diddle a dah-dah! Da diddle a dah-dah! The Boys are back in town, as the shocking superhero show returns to Amazon Prime. We go on-set in Toronto and speak to showrunner Eric Kripke and four of his cast.

Lovecraft Country

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Matt Ruff's 2016 novel was the starting point for this '50s-era show from Jordan Peele's production company. Set on an Earth plagued by Lovecraftian monsters, it follows an African-American former soldier on a roadtrip across Jim Crow America in search of his missing father. Showrunner Misha Green tells us to expect something "bananas"!

Lower Decks

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Set phasers to fun! After 47 years, Star Trek's warped into animation again for this comedy show, which centres on the less prestigious ranks of a not-so-impressive Federation vessel. We open hailing frequencies with showrunner Mike McMahan. 

Designing Cursed

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In our latest peek behind the scenes, we look at Netflix's Arthurian show, speaking to the production designer about the sets, and finding out from the prosthetics designer what real-life critters and unpleasant medical conditions inspired the look of the Fey.

Bill and Ted Face the Music

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Bill and Ted are back, and now they're middle-aged dads! No way? Way. Excellent! (Mimes air guitar), etcetera. Uber-dudes Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon explain how they updated their creations for 2020.

Weird Science

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Strap a bra on your head as we look back at the John Hughes movie in which two dweebs create the woman of their dreams, in the company of star Anthony Michael Hall. 
And that's not all, feature-wise. There's another instalment of our epic feature on the props of Picard. We also preview the latest season of Lucifer, profile author Matt Haig, get fellow novelist Lauren Beukes to list her heroes and inspirations, and quiz Pose's Billy Porter about his guest star role in The Twilight Zone. 

Red Alert

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And the big features are just the tip of the iceberg! As ever, our news section, Red Alert, is crammed with insights into yet more movies, TV shows, comics and the like. Stuff in the spotlight this month includes Netflix movie Project Power, a new Samurai Jack videogame, and The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman's latest comic.


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The SFX verdict on Cursed kicks off 18 pages of searing critical analysis, as we inform you which of the latest films (yes, actual films!), TV shows, books, comics, audio dramas and video games are worth splashing your hard-earned cash on!

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