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Rockstar patches PS3 version of GTA Online

Update: The title update is now also available on Xbox 360. Check out the full patch notes here.

Original story: Rockstar has released a PS3 GTA 5 patch designed to fix a number of known issues with GTA Online, the game’s recently launched multiplayer component.

Earlier this week, Rockstar squashed a PSN server issue that was unintentionally limiting the number of players who could access the game outright, but multiple issues remained. CVG reports that today’s GTA Online patch, which takes the game to version 1.02, weighs in at 39MB on the PSN. According to the site, online games are now more stable on PS3, though the wait in lobbies can last as long as ten minutes.

Rockstar says that an Xbox 360 title update will also be made available "as soon as possible today". Prior to launch, Rockstar warned GTA Online players to expect a bumpy first few weeks.