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Resident Evil 7 collectibles - Files, Antique Coins, Mr Everywheres, and Videotapes location guide

Resident Evil 7 takes you to a world full of creeping dread, jump scares, and a big old pile of collectibles to track down. Follow our walkthrough and you'll bag every file, antique coin, Mr Everywhere bobblehead, and videotape, along with area maps and some other useful items to help you on your way to escaping The Family. Mr Everywheres carry over multiple playthroughs, but the other items must all be collected on a single run.

Note: if you die at any point, you may have to recollect items you picked up since the game last autosaved - use the Stats option from the pause menu to check your collectible counts match up to those listed in this guide.

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Guest House

File 1/32: Email from Mia

At the start of the game, go into your inventory and examine the Email from Mia then interact with it to register it as a file.

Videotape 1/4: Derelict House Footage

Upstairs in the Guest House, grab this tape from the dresser next to the tape recorder.

Antique Coin 1/18

As soon as you start watching the Derelict House Footage, take a few steps back and look down to grab a lockpick. Once inside the kitchen, use it to open the locked drawer in the side unit. When you've finished the video, return to the kitchen and interact with the now unlocked drawer to find a coin inside.

File 2/32: List of Names (Front)
File 3/32: List of Names (Back)

After pulling the secret switch in the fireplace and entering the basement area, continue through the flooded corridor until you find Mia in a cell. On the table opposite is a list of names - make sure you interact with both sides to collect two files.

Map: Guest House

Once you head up the stairs from the basement area, open the dresser drawer in the corridor to find the Guest House map.

Next: Main House

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