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Power Of The Dark Crystal alive

Fans of creepy-cool puppet flick The Dark Crystal rejoice!

Talk of sequel The Power Of The Dark Crystal has been circulating for some time now, but we’ve not heard a thing for a couple of years.

According to artists/designers Brian and Wendy Froud, though, the project is alive and well, albeit taking its time to come to fruition.

While out promoting their new fortune-telling card set, The Heart Of Faerie Oracle , the husband-wife team spoke a little bit about the sequel. They were both involved with the first Dark Crystal as well as Labyrinth , designing the sets, props and puppets used in both those films, as well as Yoda in Star Wars .

Said Brian:

“I don’t know how many years they’ve been trying to do a Dark Crystal 2 , but we are involved. I have done some designs and I’ve been talking to the director, we’ve been involved in the script. We don’t know quite when it’s gonna go.”

Meanwhile, Wendy confirmed that “it’s inching its way closer”, before going on to confirm that the sequel will stay true to its roots in puppetry despite all the new fancy technology currently kicking around.

“The backgrounds will be CGI, but the main characters will be puppets,” she said. “They decided that was really the only way they wanted to do it to keep the integrity.”

Last we heard, The Power Of The Dark Crystal had been written by Craig Pearce ( Romeo + Juliet , Moulin Rouge! ), and was heading for release in 2011 with director Michael Gracey at the helm.

It seems that even if we unfortunately won’t be seeing the film next year, it’s at least still on the cards. And with the Frouds providing the creative genius behind the film’s look, we should be in for a treat.

For those of you who can’t wait, a series of Manga-style Dark Crystal graphic novels will be out this Summer.

Wish they'd hurry up and just get this made?