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Pokemon GO just added its first new Sword and Shield species

(Image credit: Niantic)

Pokemon GO has just added its first Pokemon Sword and Shield species, outside of the typical schedule, which introduces new species annually in September.

According to Eurogamer, Pokemon GO now has several species from last year's Sword and Shield for you to find during your travels. Now available are Galarian Zigzagoon, which evolves from Galarian Linoon into Obstagoon, and Galarian Meowth, which evolves into the hilariously-named Perrserker.

Prior to this, the only Galar-specific species in Pokemon GO was Galarian Weezing, who debuted alongside the Sword and Shield release as a Tier 4 raid boss. 

Galarian Meowth, Zizagoon, Stunfisk, and Darumaka can be obtained from 7km (around 4.3m) eggs, but there's also Kantonian forms of each mixed in there. Galarian Darumaka appears to be the most rare yield of them all, but keep in mind that Niantic does not disclose egg hatch odds. But don't worry, because right meow Galarian Meowth and Galarian Stunfisk are available as a reward in Pokemon Go's new Throwback Challenge Champion research. Galarian Stunfisk is also a common wild spawn now. 

Dataminers have also found evidence suggesting future, region-specific Pokemon releases may be less linear. Plus, data and models for Ponyta and Rapidash's Galarian forms were recently discovered, so expect the two 'mons to join Pokemon GO sometime in the near future. 

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