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Pokemon Black and White: HUGE new trailer with second by second analysis

Two new Pokemon Black and White videos popped up over night that show tons of new gameplay footage. Finally, we see in actionsome of the features we've onlyheard aboutuntil now, like the semi-mysterious C Gear, how to transfer your previous gen Pokemon to Blackand White, High Link details, new Pokemon and more.

The first video is an extended promotional trailer:

0:00 Starts with what looks like possibly the intro animation.

0:29 Footage of main character running across bridge looks cool - you can see trains rushing past underneath.

0:33 New trainer named Aloe has big hair, sassy pose. Could be one of the Elite 4?

0:40 Right after Cheren and Belle, Team Plasma is revealed. What's with those outfits?

0:45 C Gear reveal. Kids are lovin it. Hello Poke friends!

1:15 Map of Isshu shown with an overlay showing what looks like the town/route locations.

1:17 Trainer info screen. It looks like players can fill out a mini-profile and share with friends. The example shown is a girl named Nozomi who's listed herself as a student whose hobby is cooking. This looks cool!

1:22 Using the C Gear, it looks like you can help friends who are battling by giving their Pokemon's HP a boost with something called Power +.

1:34 High Link. Shows an Item Mission you can take on that involves hiding an Ultra Ball in front of the Tower ofHeaven without talking to anyone in under 180 seconds. The reward listed for completion is five "derudama." What's that?

2:07 Pokemon Musical. Can we skip this part? Sigh. OK. It lookssimilarto the Pokemon Contests. You can dress up your Pokemon and compete in some kind of musical minigame. Blah blah blah. Why does it only show girls for this part??

2:10Art of newswan Pokemon.

2:36 New deer Pokemon, Shikijika partially shown, but too covered in dress up clothes to get a good look.

2:47 Feeling Check. This is that weird biorhythm sort of thing that checks and ranksthe compatibility between players on any given day.

3:09Local wireless C Gear menu with options for battle, trade, Feeling Check, or friend code exchange.

3:15 New Pokemon Shikijika. Looks like a little deer.

3:22 Triple battle footage.

3:41 Trade footage - doesn't show much, but the trade menu looks nice.

4:02 Internet stuff showing footage of the Dream World browser game.Totally helpful diagram at 4:12 showing a DS with an arrow pointing toward a laptop with the word "internet" floating in between in the ether. Another helpful diagram at 4:36 conceptualizing the exchange of data between DS and computer. It's magic!

4:43 PokeShifter! This is how you transfer your Pokemon from D/P/Pt/HG/SS to Black and White. You select which Pokemon you want to transfer, then play a little minigame where the Pokemon jump around from bush to bush and you try to hit them with Poke Balls using a stylus-controlled slingshot. You're gonna need two DSes for this, son.

5:08 The same area is shown in spring and fall, so it looks like there will be cool seasonal changes throughout the game. Neat!

5:14A brief glimpse of Black City and White Forest.

5:17 New trainers. The football player looks intense. $5 says he has some Pokemon from the Machop evolutionary line.

5:24 New Pokemon named Miruhoggu, which is the evolution of Minezumi. It also appears that wild Pokemon encounters can be double battles now.

5:26 Battle Subway - Looks like you can get on this subway and battle random trainers as you walk through the cars.

5:30A few glimpses of other new stuff. Tantalizing.

The second video shown aboveis footage from Japanese TV show Oha Suta - it shows a little moregameplay footage of Black City and White Forest, giving us a pretty clear picture of what they both look like. It also shows footage of the PokeShifter which we saw in the previous video.

Expect a more detailed analysis on next week's episode ofPokemon Monday.

Jul 30, 2010

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