Pokemon Monday 10 - Veni, vidi, Victini!

Episode10 highlights

Latest legendary reveal: Victini- We go through all the currently-known details about this event-only legendary,then argue overwhether he's cool or not.

Pokemon of the week - Mew!We pay tribute to the first cute legendary. Brettworked at Toys R Us during the height of the first big Pokemon boom,so healsorevealsan insider look athow the old Pokemon Red %26amp; Blue Mewgiveaways used to work back in the day.

Above: A new pink fish Pokemon was revealed on Oha Suta - Luvdisc's evolution?

Winners for last week's giveaway contest... will be announced next week! We actually have two of each DS skin to give away (two for HeartGold and two for SoulSilver), so if you haven't entered yet, we're extending the deadline to this Friday, 7/30. Enter by visitinglast week's Pokemon Monday pageand answering the question of the week in the comments section of that page.

Question of the week: What do you think of Victini? How does he stack up against previous cute legendaries? What are your predictions for his type? And do you think his Isshu Pokedex number means anything?

See you next week!

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