Pokemon Monday 9 - Pokescandal!

Episode9 highlights

The mysterious villain N -He sounds like a sympathetic character, but what crazystunt is he going to pull in B&W? And who is he really? We make our predictions

World of Dreams - Catch non-Isshu Pokemon via World of Dreams browser game and download them to your B&W game cartridge. Glorified PokeWalker or super awesome new feature?

Pokebeach scandal (opens in new tab)- Apparently it's OK to leak magazine articles before they hit newsstands, but taking photos in a movie theater is apretty serious crime in Japan

Pokemon of the week - Wobbuffet, totally cheap or totally awesome? We say both

Question of the week GIVEAWAY: Which version, HeartGold or SoulSilver, has the best exclusive Pokemon and why? (We'renot just talking about the cover legendaries, butall exclusive Pokemon (opens in new tab).) We'll pick two winners, one who answers with the best case for HG and onewhorepresents forSS, and each will receive a skin for his or her preferred version. These skins fit the DS Lite-sized DS/DSi. Submit your answer in the comments below!

See you next week!

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