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Play Titanfall 2 multiplayer for free this weekend in honor of its new Colony Reborn DLC

Still undecided about Titanfall 2? Or maybe you've just been away for awhile? Either way, think of this weekend as your call to duty. A free trial running from now until April 3 will allow players to sink their teeth into all of Titanfall 2 multiplayer, as well as the Training Gauntlet and The Beacon levels from the single-player mode. Bonus: you'll score double XP until April 3 as well.

The event is to celebrate the freshly-launched Colony Reborn DLC, which adds a new map, weapon, Titan skins, camo skins, and a plethora of banners and patches to collect. It also adds a new execution move called "Curb Check," which is, frankly, rad as hell:

Colony Reborn, like all of Titanfall 2's DLC (save for cosmetics) is free, so trial players and game owners alike can enjoy the new content. Even once the trial is complete, the Training Gauntlet and The Beacon will remain free and accessible indefinitely.

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Sam Prell
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