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Pirates comedy headed to the screen

It had to happen: Pirates Of The Caribbean has simply been too popular, and pirates too strong a concept for someone not to try their hand at swashbuckling together a comedy based on the idea.

Fortunately for us, the new movie Part-Time Pirates won’t be a Caribbean spoof (Epic movie already butchered that sacred cow to staggeringly unfunny effect), but will in fact tell the tale of working-class blokes who break free of their regular, boring lives – Wild Hogs, anyone? – to set sail, raiding their rich former bosses’ yachts. Oh, and learning something, because you can’t have a Hollywood comedy where people do bad things without learning something at the same time.

Frank Coraci, who should be left on a burning boat for having directed Click, will call the shots based on Jordan Cahan’s script, which has been locked away in Fox’s treasure chest since 2004. “Pirates are the original punk rockers," Coraci told The Hollywood Reporter. "Politically and socially with everything going on in the world there's never been a better time than now to revive that spirit. Arrrrrrgh!" No, we didn’t add that last bit for comic effect. He really said it.