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PC Gaming Show 2016 at E3 recap

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Our friends at PC Gamer are ensuring that the PC platform gets its time in the spotlight during E3 with the PC Gaming Show. And while you can find the most extensive coverage of the show at - where else -, we'd like to highlight some of the most exciting games shown off during the presentation. Here's a quick recap at our most anticipated games from the show, on PC and console alike. 

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Dawn of War 3 looks suitably sleek

The Warhammer 40k universe is beloved by many, as is the Dawn of War RTS series. Both are back in Dawn of War 3, which promises huge space-faring armies clashing on futuristic battlefields. Expect Space Marines, the Eldar, hundreds of troops, and lasers firing down from the sky. 

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Klei's next game is Oxygen Not Included

Indie studio Klei is best known for Don't Starve and Mark of the Ninja, and its next game looks like it follows a formula similar to the former. This quickly teased space colony simulation game will surely kill you repeatedly, and will be coming in late 2016. 

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The Surge pits human against 'bot

Looking to beat mechs into scrap metal? The Surge is a brawler where you engage in hand-to-hand combat with brawling robots, coming from the makers of Lords of the Fallen. 

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LawBreakers takes acrobatic combat to Southern California

Ice-T's voiceover did the honors of introducing us to a new arena in LawBreakers: Promenade, a futuristic vision of Santa Monica that's ripe for some deathmatch and CTF. The many movement abilities shown off for LawBreakers invoke all the FPS classics, including (but not limited to) Unreal Tournament, Quake, and Tribes.  

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Vampyr slashes chests and bites necks

Dontnod, makers of Life is Strange and Remember Me, showed off gameplay footage of their new vampire-centric action game Vampyr, which is quite the departure from previous projects. The nighttime combat was full of shadow-step dodging, slash attacks, and blood-sucking. If you've been craving more of Bloodborne's gothic world, Vampyr might be able to scratch that itch before FromSoftware does. 

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Observer is the next horror game from Layers of Fear's creators

Layers of Fear is one of our highest-rated games of 2016 thus far, and developer Bloober Team's next game looks equally atmospheric and terrifying. A short teaser for Observer showed a shifting, mind-warping room, which was suddenly invaded by a shadowy figure. The game's themes will play into deep-rooted fears, as you hack people's memories and encounter their personal demons. The European cyberpunk setting is a unique twist, and the gameplay shown was full of distorted environments that looked like The Matrix mixed with The Shining. The trailer ended with our detective protagonist plugging into a woman's mind, and we're stoked to find out what happens next. 

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