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Overwatch Experimental mode is set to drop tomorrow with triple DPS

(Image credit: Blizzard)

Overwatch devs are looking to shake things up with the first Experimental card, and the biggest way to do that is to dramatically change the role queue. That's right, heroes and omnics, we're getting triple damage.

Starting tomorrow, the Experimental card will swap out the two tank, two healer, two damage role queue in favor of one tank, two healers, and three damage slots. It's called triple damage, and I can only imagine how the Genji mains are feeling right now. Blizzard vice president and Overwatch boss Jeff Kaplan goes into detail about the ideology behind this choice in a Developer update video. Check it out below:

In summary, the inclusion of role queue, which Overwatch devs believe was largely a success (insert white guy blinking meme here), caused a dramatic spike in wait times for players looking to enter games as damage heroes. Kaplan and team are wondering if this new dynamic will cut down on wait times and get players into matches faster. Keep in mind, experimental features like the "very controversial" and "wacky" triple damage queue may or may not end up in the game, so don't panic just yet.

“These are changes we’re unsure of and that’s why we’re getting your feedback on them," Kaplan says in the video. The team is going to be looking at the effects triple damage has on the queue times, and seeing how the Experimental card changes "fan out" to the rest of the services like Quick Play, Competitive, and Arcade. 

Jury's out on whether or not these experiments will help or hurt Overwatch as a whole, but as a Moira main I feel I'm too biased to say either way.

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