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Outland Mark of the Gods Achievement Guide

Backtracking pt. 1

Origin: Crossroads of the Worlds

Use the Teleporter just to the right of where you spawn to do head back to the Jungle.

Jungle: Jungle Highlands – 1 Mark

16. Ignore the dark energy switch just below the Teleporter. Head all the way to the right, dropping down the elevator shaft and going to the checkpoint. Drop down to the right of the checkpoint, go under the dark energy turret and smash the floor. To the left of where you land use a wall jump to reach the Mark. Going right nets you some treasure.

Jungle: Above the Canopy – 1 Mark

17. From where you start the level go to the left, past the Jellyfish and drop down. From here make your way down and to the right, continuing to do so until you reach the bottommost level of the area. Eventually you will reach four flowers spitting red energy – destroy them and look around. You will see a moving dark energy platform. Climb onto it, leap to the light energy platform and ride this up. This is where the Mark for this area is hidden.

The City

City: The City Walls

18. As you traverse the middle portion of the level you will fight a large light warrior with a shield. When you get past him you will find a checkpoint and beyond that red and blue platforms. Before climbing the platforms slide under the gap in the right wall into the room beyond to find the Mark.

City: The Marketplace

19. Right at the beginning of the level you will defeat a few soldiers and then pass through a veritable gauntlet of light and dark bullets while fighting more soldiers. Slide under the gap and look up. Wall jump through the hole above you, defeat yet more soldiers and then use stomp to destroy the breakable floor, reaching the Mark.

City: The Ministry

20. This Mark is gotten fairly late in this stage. Your journey will take you to the top of the level where you will open the way to a large block puzzle area. These blocks appear based on whatever energy you’re using unless you’re standing in the way of them. In the first large room of these blocks use wall jumping to get on top of the blue blocks. Now jump straight up, swapping to red to get atop the red block. From here wall jump to the upper left of the room, swap colors and slide under the gap to grab your prize.


City: The Maze

21. The path will drop you down right at a checkpoint that is nearby some more energy blocks. Ignore them for a moment and wall jump up the shaft to your right to reach this free-hanging Mark of the Gods.

City: The Flower Gardens

22. After passing the first checkpoint you will go through a tricky area with some bizarre energy patterns. Going right, up and then to the left you will reach an area with two energy walls, one on each side of a shaft going up and down. Use wall jumps along with energy shifting to get up to the Mark. When falling be sure to aim down towards solid ground or you’ll fall straight at the checkpoint and have to redo the previous area.


City: The Maze

This area is already cleared.

City: The Forgotten Quarter

23. You’re going to fall for a bit in this stage, dropping down a dangerous pit full of enemies and energy bullets. When you’re finally done you’ll find yourself at the very bottom of the level in the leftmost corner. Run forward, past the room with three elevators and the energy switching turret and start to head uphill. You’ll see a shaft in the ceiling that you can wall jump up to reach the Mark.

City: The Ministry / Boss: Mother of Eyes

You can’t get the other Mark in the Ministry so just continue on to battle the next boss. Killing the Mother of Eyes doesn’t actually net you any new abilities so you can either keep exploring or backtrack for one lone Mark in the Jungle Highlands. We’ll wait on it but if you’re impatient then look forward to the next backtracking section.