Nightcrawler 'ports into action

Suffering from Nightcrawler withdrawals after his non-appearance in X-Men: The Last Stand? Of course you are. His dramatic, acrobatic debut in 2003's X2 was one of the coolest damn movie moments of the year, and we're happy to say this little Marvel: Ultimate Alliance video is right up there on the "whoa" meter.

Hit the Movies tab to check it out. So far, the various trailers for brawlin' RPG Alliance look amazing - we hope the game is just as fun to play as these are to watch. Hell, they're better than the animated Ultimate Avengers DVD movie at the very least.

In other Alliance news, developer Vicarious Visions has said the Wii version will not be online, so no crazy globe-spanning multiplayer. It is, however, a confirmed launch title that will still use the remote to enhance gameplay - certain movements will bust out your super powers, while on the standard consoles you'll only be able to assign two powers to the controller's face buttons. This is on par with X-Men Legends, so it's not exactly a startling discovery. Still, nice to know Alliance will offer something new for Wii gamers.

August 17, 2006