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Niantic demo Pokemon Go using Microsoft’s HoloLens AR technology

Pokemon Go HoloLens proof of concept video
(Image credit: Niantic / Microsoft)

Pokemon Go developer Niantic has shared a proof of concept video which brings Pokemon into the real world using Microsoft’s HoloLens AR technology.

The collaboration, which was originally shown off at Microsoft’s Ignite event, will utilise Microsoft’s HoloLens technology with Pokemon Go’s AR features to create what Niantic describe as “experiences that will weave together the digital and physical world.” Take a look at this proof of concept video below. 

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In a blog post written by the CEO of Niantic John Hanke states that the reasoning behind this project lies in “the transformative potential of augmented reality to make lives better for people, especially our Niantic Explorers around the world.” The developer also notes that the team is “working to enable even more planet-scale experiences for next-generation AR hardware. But this is only the beginning.”

In the video, we can see two presenters (one in the flesh wearing HoloLens glasses, and the other virtually) walking through a park encountering various Pokemon in real-time. One of the presenters then releases Pikachu from a Pokeball and gives him a Razz Berry treat. Pikachu then starts to adorably follow the presenter into the next area.

We are then given a tease as to how Pokemon battles would work in this AR version of the game, however, the preview ends there. Niantic has also stated that “while this demo is not intended for consumer use, it offers an early glimpse into the future evolutions in both software and hardware.”

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