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New Resistance 3 screens bypass media, go straight to Facebook

It's something we'veheard for years: eventually, the game industry is going to get sick of dealing with our stupid, opinionated asses and find a way to take its unfilteredmessage straight to the public, bypassing the troublesome enthusiast press entirely. And if the five new Resistance 3 images Insomniac has made available are any indication, "eventually" is now, and the way is Facebook.

With a big R3 reveal at the Spike VGAs just around the corner, the Resistance/Ratchet & Clank developer is sharing threenew screens and two pieces of concept art(as well as anexclusive PS3 theme) with any users who "like" itsFacebook page. Of course, that means we can grab them too, so if you'd rather skip the extra step of making Insomniac feel loved, you can check out the rest of the screens below:

Above: Not big enough? You can see largerversionshere

Dec 9, 2010


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