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New PSM arrives at newsstands

Available now for your perusal at finer magazine outlets across the country, the December issue of PlayStation Magazine rolls out the full menu of PS3 launch titles. From the hardware itself to the hottest launch games, Kaiser Hwang, Randy Nelson and Justin Cheng unload every tiny piece of PS3 knowledge they've gathered into a massive launch blowout.

Also featured in PSM's December issue is an exclusive review of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories - sure,we've played around with the multiplayer a bit, but the PSM dudes have got the whole thing sewn up already and can't wait to tell you all about it.

Along with the usual updates on Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy number whatever and even more Grand Theft Auto goodness, the December issue is crammed with more PlayStation knowledge than you can even handle.

October 24, 2006