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New patch for Call of Duty 2

Call of Duty 2 players who download the latest patch will find two new multiplayer levels, including a rework of "Harbor," a fan favorite from the original Call of Duty that pits the Russians against the German Wehrmacht in the grenade-friendly shipping port of Rostov, Russia.

Rhine, the second battlefield, will let you follow the 2nd Rangers through the war-torn streets of Wallendar, Germany, in what was historically some of the most brutal urban combat of World War II.

Happily, all this new content is supported by PunkBuster, the premiere anti-cheat technology for online PC gaming. In addition to the new levels, developers have also added mod tools, so players can make their own customenvironments for even longer extended play.

All of the new content and tools are included today in the freely available patch for Call of Duty 2 players at:

April 11, 2006