New Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer hits the web... some of it, anyway

Today on its weekly Hideoblog podcast, Kojima Productions has revealed the first 90 seconds of dialogue of the E3 Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer, set to debut next week. Every time there's a large video game event, Metal Gear Solid mastermind Hideo Kojima takes it as an opportunity to cut a new trailer that shows off exciting, innovative elements of the gameplay of the latest MGS sequel. E3 2006 is no exception.

Now, they'd never do something so rash as tell us what's actually up with MGS4 before the show. They have, however, seen fit to drop a little teaser in our laps - the audio from the first 90 seconds of the trailer. Since it's in Japanese, there's also an English translation provided. It speaks of a future in which the world's military is dominated by private corporations of mercenaries. Scary stuff, but it's the perfect backdrop to a game which pits the aged Solid Snake against all comers.

If you want to hear (or just read) it for yourself, head over tothe latest Hideoblog entry, where you can download the podcast and read its transcription. If you're not interested in the preamble delivered by Kojima Productions' capable but perhaps too talkative Ryan Payton, you can skip ahead to 4:43 in the MP3 file to get straight to the action.