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New Dark Knight Rises TV spot reveals lots of new footage

The Dark Knight Rises opens in little over a month from now, and with the marketing campaign really starting to kick in, we've been blessed with a new TV spot.

There's plenty of new footage in there, too. Well, we say plenty, but there's at least fifteen seconds, and just a fraction of a minute is like gold dust for desperate Bat-fans.

Most interestingly, it gives us a snatched glimpse of a peacetime Gotham, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt's cop John Blake announcing (slightly prematurely): "When you cleaned up the streets you cleaned them up good, pretty soon we'll be chasing overdue library books."

It's one of the few meaningful hints we've had to illustrate the fact that this is set some eight years after The Dark Knight .

There's also a nice look at flying machine 'The Bat' - as Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) dubs it - barely out-manoeuvring some missile fire. Not bad for 30 seconds of TV spot.

Check it out below:

The Dark Knight Rises opens on 20 July 2012. Have you booked your ticket yet?