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New Avengers: Endgame footage has been shown to a lucky few – here’s what happens (according to a leaked description)

Avengers: Endgame footage

It had been just a bit too quiet on the Avengers 4: Endgame front. Sure, Captain Marvel has (rightfully) diverted our attention away from the MCU Phase 3 finale, but it was about time we got a sneak peek at something new from the Avengers: Infinity War sequel. A bunch of new footage was shown behind closed doors at a recent Disney shareholders meeting, but Endgame is the one everyone is talking about, especially as Captain Marvel features prominently. There’s been a leak, too, which means that we’re able to get the lowdown on exactly what happened. Exciting times, of course, but beware: spoilers follow… has the skinny on a scene that seems to set up a big clash with Thanos. In it, the remaining Avengers are sitting down with Nebula and, yes, Captain Marvel, in the Avengers compound to discuss the next course of action to strike back at the Mad Titan in retaliation for all those who died in Infinity War.

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Their destination? “The garden,” which may very well be the farm planet Thanos was chilling out on that we spied during the very first Endgame trailer back in December. From there, Captain Marvel speaks up and says they need to use the Infinity Stones to, in the words of the source, “undo everything.” No mention of time travel. Yet.

Then we get a slightly more humorous scene with Rocket being joined in space (presumably on the way to Thanos) by Captain America, Thor, Rhodey, Black Widow, and Nebula. The trash panda asks who’s been in to space before and for no one to be sick on the ship. My money's on Cap puking his guts out.

And that’s it. No Iron Man, no Thanos, no Ant-Man, and certainly no resurrected heroes. It’s an interesting look at what’s to come, though. Plus, Captain Marvel already feels right at home in this group by speaking up. It’s a good a proof as any that she’s going to be the one to lead the fight against Thanos and, crucially, against whatever lies beyond him in the MCU’s future.

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