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Nacho man

Those of you who are proud owners of Total Film issue 113 will no doubt be aware that between running from a ma-hoosive CGI ape and strumming with the Pick Of Destiny, Jack Black took a little time to make possibly the world’s first Hispanic wrestling comedy.

Nacho Libre stars Black as a priest who takes to the ring to raise cash for the Mexican monastery where he was raised. Click here to see the Lord of lampoonery don cheap acrylic and leap from the top rope.

Whilst filming the flick, Jack also made the most of his camcorder by shooting his own ‘confessions’ - 20 segments of insanity from the gagslinger that are set to be released soon on iTunes - two per week for ten weeks.

Black is currently shooting Nancy Meyers rom-com The Holiday, in the UK and California, with Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz.