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Peach Momoko draws Kamala Khan for Ms. Marvel: Beyond the Limit #1 variant

Ms. Marvel: Beyond the Limit #1
Ms. Marvel: Beyond the Limit #1 (Image credit: Mashal Ahmed (Marvel Comics))

Marvel has postponed its planned comic book limited series Ms. Marvel: Beyond the Limit, which was timed to thematically tie-in with the upcoming Disney Plus Ms. Marvel streaming show that Marvel Studios has signaled will debut by the end of 2021.

The five-issue series by Samira Ahmed and Andrés Genolet was announced back in June for a September 15 debut, but the publisher has informed retailers that the series' launch has been delayed three months to a new, December 1 debut.

(Image credit: Peach Momoko (Marvel Comics))

Ms. Marvel: Beyond the Limit is prose writer Samira Ahmed's debut in comics after a string of hit Young Adult novels including Love, Hate, & Other Filters; Internment; and Mad, Bad, & Dangerous to Know. This new Ms. Marvel series will follow Kamala Khan to Bollywood as she deals with her superpowers malfunctioning AND a surprise doppelganger.

"Fans that have been there from day one will love to see how we're playing around with her powers, exploring them, and maybe pushing them," Ahmed said when the book was originally announced. "I don't want to give any spoilers, but there are gonna be some questions that arise about the source of her powers and what that means."

Ahmed, who says she was a fan of Ms. Marvel since the character was originally announced back in 2013, states that Beyond the Limit will dive headlong into South Asian culture.

(Image credit: Mashal Ahmed (Marvel Comics))

"We're definitely going to have some food in there, we're definitely gonna have some pretty striking South Asian cultural elements that people are gonna see right off the bat in the series," Ahmed continued. " There are gonna be some familiar faces and fan favorites, but also some new faces... [G. Willow Wilson] and then [Saladin Ahmed] have created such an incredible world. I'm just excited to explore it and even push it out a little further."

Andrés Genolet comes to Ms. Marvel: Beyond The Limit after a stint on the Runaways, which Newsarama just confirmed was being canceled with August 11's Runaways #38.

Ms. Marvel: Beyond the Limit #1 (of 5) goes on sale on December 1, with a collected edition of Ms. Marvel: Beyond the Limit planned for May 31.

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