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More Horizon Zero Dawn costumes are coming to Monster Hunter World on PS4, and this time, you can play as Aloy herself

I have good news and bad news. Bad news first; if you didn't manage to unlock the Horizon Zero Dawn Watcher costume for your Palico on the PS4 version of Monster Hunter World, I'm afraid you're out of time. That event ended last week, and players are no longer able to hunt down that particular piece of crossover content. 

The good news? This isn't the end for the Horizon Zero Dawn/Monster Hunter World mash-ups, as Capcom has just announced the details for the second part of its Aloy-themed content, and the rewards are far better than any robo-Palico could ever hope to be. 

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Yes, you'll finally be able to dress up as Aloy in the game, and see how the huntress fares against real life beasties instead of all those mechanised dinos she's been fighting in post-apocalyptic USA. 

It won't be easy to unlock her, though, since "The Proving" event will require to be Hunter Rank 11 by the time it starts on February 28. That gives you just over two weeks to complete Monster Hunter World's campaign and enter high-rank mode, which is where the game really opens up and begins to get proper tough. 

You'll then have to fight a "giant Anjanath", though it's unclear whether Capcom are describing a regular Anjanath, or are literally creating an even bigger version of the dinosaur (if you can imagine such a thing) specially for this challenge. 

It's also unknown whether Aloy possesses any unique abilities in the same way as the upcoming Street Fighter 5 costumes for Monster Hunter World (which will also be available for the Xbox One version of the game), but it looks like she comes bearing an exclusive bow weapon that could stand to do a lot of damage in battle. 

The Proving will run until March 5, which means the event runs for less than a week, so you won't have long if you're desperate for that costume. In fact, I suggest you get a move on and start hunting right away. 

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