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Minecraft guide: Everything you need to know so you can boss the blocks and become a master builder

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With a game that can do some much, a Minecraft guide is basically essential. Whether you're adventuring, building, modding and all the rest, there's so much to get through, understand and do, that you really do need all the help you can get. 

It's a blocky world that's spent well over a over a decade developing, expanding and changing into the game it's become today. There's an endless array of options and things you can do to change the appearance, the mechanics, and how the game works. Hell, you can even play it as the developers intended if really want. There's much more to Minecraft than just building though, so if you want to get the most out of it then follow our Minecraft guide for all the information you need to get crafting.

Play Minecraft for free

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There's dozens of versions of the game available on pretty much every platform imaginable, and now you can even play Minecraft for free in your browser. It's a fairly basic rendition without many of the features, but if you're on a tight budget or looking for a quick distraction then there's no better price than free.

Minecraft commands and cheats

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If you want to fully take control of your created world, then using Minecraft commands and cheats will let you do just that. We've got all the codes you need so you can teleport, set the time and weather, spawn items and entities, and a whole lot more.

Best Minecraft servers

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If you want to experience whole new adventures in blocks, then visiting the best Minecraft servers can transport you to worlds inspired by Grand Theft Auto, Pokemon, Game of Thrones, and more.

Minecraft Realms

Minecraft Realms

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If you want to manage your own personal multiplayer server for up to ten players, then Minecraft Realms lets you build and play with friends in private games. With a Realms Plus subscription you also get regular content drops of new maps, character skins, and mini-games to check out.

Best Minecraft seeds

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Seeds determine the layout of the land in your world, and different environments can completely change your gameplay experience. We've gathered the best Minecraft seeds so you can explore a giant mansion, survive a shipwreck on an island, or any number of other adventures.

Best Minecraft mods

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If you want to tweak the actual gameplay mechanics for a different experience, then installing the best Minecraft mods will let you rework how the game functions. Choices include introducing fresh biomes, new wild animals, and even sending you into space.

Best Minecraft shaders

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If you want your game to look as great as possible, then installing the best Minecraft shaders will help you achieve this. Make your water shinier, add light rays and lens flares, improve shadows, and generally turn your worlds into visual masterpieces that are a feast for the eyes.

Best Minecraft skins

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Every player will be familiar with Steve and Alex, the default skins in the game, but sometimes you want to mix things up with new characters. The best Minecraft skins let you do this, so you can become mighty Thanos, Jedi warrior Yoda, and even Homer Simpson – d'oh!

Best Minecraft texture packs

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Bored with how the standard blocks and objects look in your world? Then install some of the best Minecraft texture packs and you can add in flowing grass, rippling water, and even photorealistic trees.

Minecraft Nether

Minecraft 1.16 update

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If you're thinking of delving down into the underworld, then we've got details on how the Minecraft Nether update has made some changes to the way things work below. We can also show you how to get Minecraft Netherite and what to do with it, including how to craft Minecraft Netherite tools and a full set of Minecraft Netherite armor.

Minecraft Enchanting

Minecraft enchanting

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If you want to improve your weapons and items, then applying Minecraft enchanting to them will give them a significant boost. Our guide will show you how to construct an Enchanting Table, and configure it to get the highest level of enchantment possible.

Build the best Minecraft house

How to build a Minecraft House

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Setting yourself up with a great Minecraft house is very important, as it provides you with a safe refuge away from any creatures and a place to store all of your hard-earned gear and treasure. Plus, you can show off your creative flair by making your home as impressive as you like.

Tame a fox in Minecraft

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If you've spotted one of these nocturnal creatures in your world, you may be wondering how to tame a fox in Minecraft, so we've got all the details on how to make them your new furry pals.

Looking for more block building? Microsoft and Mojang release free Minecraft Education pack to help kids stuck in quarantine.

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