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Metroid: Other M - Energy Tank and E-Recovery Tank Guide

Map Legend:

Pink: Energy Tank Parts
Purple: Energy Tanks
Orange: E-Recovery Tanks

White: Missile Tanks
Yellow: Accel Charges

Energy Tanks:

1. After you return to the water room with the tentacle in the center, who is now active, go around and speed boost through the snowy corridor and Shinespark when you reach the ledge. Drop down a ledge to grab it.

2. When you ShineSpark to the top of the metal tower, follow the roll paths through the opening with orange lights and not the ones without anything under them. Eventually you’ll reach the end and come out to the energy tank.

Energy Tank Parts:

1. when you enter the room with the numerous lab tubes along the wall, there will be three vent covers on the ground. Pop the one that can be with a bomb and grab your part.

2. When you reach the room with the 4 smaller lab tanks, use the power bomb to open the door on the right side and grab the tank in there.

3. the third collectible in the northeast corner will be on top of the boxes that you did the chase through earlier in the game. On top of the boxes with be some crates to shoot. One will have the energy part in it.

4. in the room with the 2 fans and the pipe you need to break to grab the 2 missile tanks, there is a power bomb spot near the entrance. Fight the baddie there and grab your piece from inside the next room.

E-Recovery Tanks:

1. As soon as you get the Speed Boost Ability, keep running through the ice walls until you come to it.

2. After you get the Gravity Feature, you will be able to reach the pick e-recovery tank that you passed earlier through the heavy gravity sequence.