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Metal Gear Survive update problem stops you playing the game. The game's live for some, but not everyone

Metal Gear Survive (opens in new tab) currently has a problem with it's 1.01/1.02 update that means it doesn't work for some people. Metal Gear Survive's microtransactions are live (opens in new tab), and the game seems to work in some territories, so it's unclear why some people can't play. I'm currently trying to find out where the updates are available. Survive technically isn't out in Europe until Feb 22 although both UK and US members of the GR team currently have the 'can't play' message below.

The problem seems to affect PS4, displaying this when you try to play: 

If you try to update it, the PS4 says the game is up to date and no further updates are available. The game simply hangs at that screen. 

Interestingly, though, if you check the information the download status might show the game apparently downloading at a crawl.

Despite everything appearing to be downloaded and ready to play, it apparently also re-downloads itself in the background. As I was writing this story the 'downloaded and ready to play message' message popped up again but didn't make any difference. The game still hangs on the update message. 

The 1.02 patch seems to be rolling out for some but there's no sign of it here yet. For a game that already needs to work hard to convince a sceptical audience, this is not going to help. It does seem to be working for some, though, as I was watching Japanese livestreams last night. So unless something happened since then, this seems to be a regional issue.  

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Leon Hurley
Leon Hurley

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