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Mega Man Universe announced for 360, PS3 via badassss claymation trailer

Early this morning Capcomannouncedthe long-teased Mega Man Universe forXbox Live and the PlayStation Network. It came bundled with perhaps the coolest trailer of the year - a claymation salute to Capcom's greatest heroes, from Mega Man to Ryu to poor Arthur from the Ghosts 'n' Goblins series. The real question is... what the hell is this game even about? The trailer doesn't explain, but oh god is it fun to watch. So many dead-on references in here.

We can assume it's based around crossovers and perhaps something to do with games entering the real world? Or maybe something with a great deal of customization so it's "your" Mega Man Universe? It definitely suggests the game will be so deep and engrossing that you'll lose yourself in all its Capcom-y goodness. Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune had this to say on the announcement:

You can read more in Gamespot'sinterviewwith Inafune, where he teases that Comic-Con will house more details and potentially a full reveal. This, combined with Yoshi "Street Fighter" Ono's Comic-Con announcement point to a very interesting weekend for Capcom fans. We'll be at Comic-Con the whole time, so be sure to check back for INFO!

Let's close out with a few other stills, yes?

Above: Ryu makes his required appearance

Above: It's almost like the classic Nintendo Power cover brought to life

Above: Ah, that asshole. Looks like the game could be pretty damn meta, then

Above: C'mon Comic-Con!'Splain this!