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Marvel's New Warriors might be headed to the small screen starring Squirrel Girl

(Image credit: Marvel)

We've heard a fair amount about Squirrel Girl in the last month. If this latest report from TV Line is correct then we'll be seeing a lot more of her: Marvel is developing a New Warriors series starring the rodent-befriending gal known as Doreen Green. While still unconfirmed it's expected that the show will be a collaborative effort between Marvel and ABC. Both are currently shopping the idea to streaming platforms and networks. It's a wise move considering Marvel's Netflix relationship and Hulu's recent decision to pick up The Runaways. 

As for the New Warriors, they're a little like a teenage version of The Avengers and have already appeared in Disney's animated series Ultimate Spider-Man. If the live series comes to fruition it'll be half-hour episodes that revolve around the youngsters popularised in the comics. Interestingly, Squirrel Girl isn't a member of the New Warriors in the comics. She only joined the team on the Disney series, another factor in her rising popularity. 

One of Marvel's lesser-known characters, Squirrel Girl was flung into the spotlight recently by Anna Kendrick, who thinks she'd be perfect in the role. The internet agreed with her. Fan art featuring Kendrick as Green started popping up online, leading to even more actors throwing their names into the ring. Okay, so there was one. And it was Stranger Things' Shannon Purser aka Barb, who gets my Squirrel Girl vote all the way. (Yes, even though she's just signed on to appear in the Archie series Riverdale.)   

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