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Marvel To Release 700 Free #1 Issues

Comic book giant's Marvel #1 offer returns

A common complaint from comic book newbies is, “I want to get into comics, but don’t know where to start.” Well, now there’s no excuse as Marvel has announced the return of Marvel #1.

The promotion, which sees the comic book titan releasing over 700 #1 issues featuring their most beloved characters, will return next Tuesday. And the best part is that the issues are completely free.

The digital comics will be available on the Marvel Comics app (for iPhone, iPad, iPhone Touch & Android), online at the Marvel Digital Comics Shop and at ComiXology – who’ll have to work overtime to keep their servers up and running; when the promotion ran back in mid-March, high demand caused the ComiXology website to crash .

To be able to download the #1s you need to visit the promotion page on the digital shop and sign up before 11:59pm on Tuesday 9 April (US East Coast time – so that’s 4.59am on Wednesday in the UK).

Marvel is staying tight-lipped about which characters the #1 issues will be available for but with the large number announced it looks likely that new readers will find something to sink their teeth into.

So which #1 are you hoping will be available? Are you looking to see the first appearance of Iron Man, discover who was in the original X-Men line-up, or just what the hell Rocket Raccoon is? Tell us below.

Liam Macleod