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Malicks Tree Of Life almost completed

Last week the line-up for Cannes 2010 was unveiled, and we were disappointed to discover that Terrence Malick’s Tree Of Life wasn’t on the agenda.

Well, an inside source revealed over at /Film that the reason for Malick’s Cannes absence is incomplete effects and IMAX work.

Anonymous commenter ‘Stan’ wrote that 97% of the film is complete (we’re guessing that’s an estimation), and he had a few words about a screening of the film that he was able to attend.

Be warned that this hasn’t been 100% verified, but it sounds pretty legit.

According to ‘Stan’, whose boss is one of the VFX bods working on the film, Tree Of Life is “the best film of [ Malick’s ] since Badlands”, which is a bit of a commendation to say the last.

Added Stan: “The visual effects aren’t done, but the footage that we’ve worked on is near complete. The reason for the delay in post is because of the amount of detail IMAX 70 MM requires. I can assure you that the results are worth the wait.”

The IMAX footage is apparently being referred to as Voyage Of Time , and Malick has been working individually with animators to bring his vision to life.

“Terrence has made sure that we work on footage without knowing too much of the plot or reason behind it. It’s always about a feeling or an emotion,” says Stan.

“He is definitely the most interesting director we’ve had the pleasure of working with, and probably the only who’s interacted with the digital artists themselves. He has never settled for results less than immaculate, but is humble and patient about it.”

All we know so far about Tree Of Life ’s plot is that it stars Brad Pitt and Sean Penn in the story of a young man’s quest to regain meaning in his life. There are reportedly scenes that take place in a pre-historic land (dinosaurs, anyone?), as well as some ‘50s settings.

Excited for Tree Of Life ? Disappointed it’s not at Cannes?