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Lollipop Chainsaw achievement/trophy guide

Sparkle Hunting Master


Succeed in 7 zombie Sparkle Hunting.

While a 7 zombie Sparkle Hunting is attainable without using Star Soul Mode, we definitely recommend using it to get this achievement. There are several times throughout the game where this is possible, but there are a two in particular that we want to point out.

The first spot is during Stage 1, just after meeting Sensei. You’ll be in front of the bomb cake and surrounded by zombies. Activate Star Soul Mode, wait until the zombies crowd closely around you, then press the attack button.

The second opportunity is during Stage 3, in the field with multiple barrels. Three different groups of zombies will crawl out of the ground. The third group will contain a huge number of zombies. Repeat the strategy outlined above to get an easy 7 zombie Sparkle Hunting!

Super Shopper


Spend 10,000 medals at Chop2Shop.Zom.

Again, this is cumulative. It will come naturally very soon after you’ve purchased all of Juliet’s combos and upgrades, since the total cost to do both comes to just under 10,000 medals.

Super Zombie Hunter


Clear Stage 4, surpassing Dad’s score.

Dad’s score on Stage 4 is 127,600.

It’s relatively easy to beat Dad’s score, but here are a few tips if you’re having trouble:

  • Play on Normal
  • Go for as many Sparkle Hunting kills as possible
  • Do not die or restart at any checkpoints. Doing either subtracts 5000 points each time.

Third Eye


Dodge all balloon attacks in Mariska battle.

Mariska is the boss of Stage 3: O’Bannon Farm. For the first two phases of the battle (not so much in the third) she’ll constantly be throwing out slow-moving balloon projectiles. These are easy to dodge, as you only have to strafe to the right or left and they’ll miss you. Just lock on to Mariska and keep moving around the arena, shooting your Chainsaw Blaster as you go.

During the second stage, Mariska will put tractors in your path. You can try to stop them by shooting the drivers, but if you’re more focused on dodging balloons, just maintain the strategy above and take the hits from the tractors. Even on hard, the damage they deal is minimal.

Be warned that when you down Mariska and are given the ‘finish’ prompt, she’ll throw out one last volley of balloons as you race towards her. Watch out for these.

Unclean And Uncool


Defeated Hazmat in Prologue.

This achievement unlocks when you defeat the final "boss" of the Prologue.

Viking Metal Rules


Defeated Vikke.

When the fight first begins, do not attack Vikke head on. Wait for his attacks, after which he will become vulnerable for a few moments. When he swings his axe, he’ll always swing it a second time, so be weary of that before charging in.

In the second segment, his legs will attack separately from his torso. If you don’t take them out quickly, they’ll try and kick you off the ship. Vikke is less damaging during this segment and slightly more vulnerable, so use jumping attacks to move the battle along.

When Vikke is only a head, he has two main attacks: a blue laser beam fired while he floats outside the ship (easily to dodge), and his head itself. He’ll land on the ship and bounce around like a billiards ball. When he comes to a halt, this is your chance to attack.

Watch Out For The Balls


Dodge & Counter Zed’s Electric Balls 15 times.

During the third segment of the Stage 1 boss fight, Zed will throw a pair of electric balls at you. Jump to initially avoid them, then run near Zed. As the balls return to him, a short QTE will start. You need to repeat this until the achievement unlocks, obviously waiting to kill him until after it does.

Under most circumstances, leapfrogging Zed is a good way to get him to throw out these balls.

Zombie Financier


Completed the zombie album.

As you play through each stage, you’ll encounter strong, named zombies. Killing these zombies adds their profiles to the album in Juliet’s stash. Below you’ll find a list of every named zombie (as they’re numbered in Juliet’s stash) and where you can find them.

Note that if named zombies die in an explosion, they won’t be added to the album. They must die by your hand. Also note that not all named zombies appear on the first playthrough of a stage. Finally, some zombies only appear on higher difficulties (appropriately marked), and one in particular only shows up during Ranking Mode.


01: Zombie Boy - George

02: Zombie Girl - Mikaela

03: Zombie Hazmat - Jerry

Stage 1

04: Zombie Bomber - Jay *

05: Zombie Policeman - Ryu

06: Zombie Police Woman - Stephanie

07: Zombie Basket Boy - Juan*

08: Zombie Teacher - Fitzgibbon

33: Zombie Teacher Lady - Roberta

09: Zed - Boss

Stage 2

10: Zombie Fire Fighter - Paul*

11: Zombie Footballer - Alexander

12: Zombie Fat Old Woman - Danielle

13: Zombie Cheerleader - Josephine*

14: Zombie Batter - Steven *

15: Zombie Pitcher - Uwe*

16: Vikke - Boss

Stage 3

17: Zombie Fat Old Man - Mark

18: Zombie Big Chicken - Chat

19: Mariska - Boss

Stage 4

20: Zombie Geek Man - Tobe

21: Zombie Geek Woman - Anastasia*

22: Zombie Break Dancer - Wesley

23: Zombie Metal Boy - Lucid*

24: Josey - Boss

Stage 5

25: Zombie Punk Boy - Bill*

26: Zombie Punk Girl - Christina *

27: Zombie Rocker Boy - Brett *

28: Zombie Rocker Girl - Samantha *

29: Zombie Flying Man - Peter *

30: Lewis LEGEND - Boss

Stage 6

31: Killabilly - Boss

32: Zombie Happy Bird - Jack **

33: Zombie Teacher Lady - Roberta

34: Zombie Obachan - Marie *

35: Zombie Ojichan - David*

* Appears only on Hard/Very Hard

** Appears only during ranking mode.

Zombie Hunter Apprentice


Buy a combo at Chop2Shop.Zom and use it.

Self explanatory. You don’t even have to use the combo on a zombie.

Zombie Slayer?!


Kill 3,000 zombies.

It takes a long time to do this, somewhere around the equivalent of three playthroughs. Even as you go achievement hunting, this will be one of the last achievements to unlock.