Lollipop Chainsaw achievement/trophy guide

Disco’s Dead


Defeated Josey.

Josey is the boss of Stage 4: Fulci Fun Center. In the first segment, try to land some jumping attacks and chainsaw blasts when you can, and really unleash the hurt on him after he tries to stomp you flat with his UFO. When he materializes the stairs, use your Chainsaw Blaster to shoot him down, then continue shooting while he’s crashed.

In the second segment, you need to destroy all the shield generators surrounding Josey. You can only damage these generators when they are blue; if you touch them when they’re red, you’ll take heavy damage. Don’t waste too much time on the floating golden heads. They only become a threat when they turn red, at which point you need to dodge as they fly towards you. Focus on taking out the generators as quickly as possible, then finish Josey off.

Dirty Hippy


Defeated Mariska.

You’ll spend most of this battle running in a circle while constantly shooting at Mariska. Beware of her balloon projectiles. In the later stages of the battle, she’ll put down tractors, which you can easily dispatch by shooting their drivers. When she plants the massive hand on the platform, simply avoid it altogether, running away while getting in shots on Mariska when you can.

Elephant Tamer


Counter Lewis’ attack 10 times.

There are several times you can counter Lewis’s moves during the Stage 5 boss fight, but the following method is the easiest way to unlock the achievement. Once you empty Lewis’s life bar for the first time, he’ll charge his bike at you. Complete the QTE and he’ll end up in a “Finish” stagger state. Do not strike him. Instead, wait for him to reassemble his bike and charge at you. This brings up another short QTE, then he’ll be back on his bike again. Each of these moments count toward the achievement. Repeat this process until the achievement unlocks.

Endorsed by Cordelia


Get 30 headshots.

You’ll need to change from ‘auto’ to ‘manual’ aiming in the options menu to have any chance at headshots. Even then, getting a headshot with the Blaster is no easy task.

There are three segments during stage 5 where it is very easy to rack up some headshots. The first is when you enter the room with the boom box-holding zombies perched above a dancing crowd. Instead of jumping into the fray, kill the boom box-wielders, then go for headshots on the zombies below.

The second part is near the end of the stage where you’re swarmed by 36 zombies. It’s not as easy to line up shots at this point, but due to sheer numbers, you’re sure to accumulate some.

The last part is during the Lewis fight. When you put him in a stagger state, he’ll be surrounded by a group of slow-moving zombies. If you carried 36 bullets into the fight, you’ll have 36 easy chances.

Excellent Zombie Hunter


Clear Stage 5, surpassing Dad’s score.

Dad’s score on Stage 5 is 366,800.

It’s relatively easy to beat Dad’s score, but here are a few tips if you’re having trouble:

  • Play on Normal
  • Go for as many Sparkle Hunting kills as possible
  • Do not die or restart at any checkpoints. Doing either subtracts 5000 points each time.



Cut off 20 fingers during Killabilly’s fight!

Killabilly is the boss of Stage 6. During the second segment of the fight, he’ll often put his hands down on the ground. If you attack the fingers, they’ll come right off, then quickly grow back. Continue cutting until you reach a total of 20, at which point the achievement will unlock.

Go, Medal Racer, Go!


Picked up all zombie medals on the rooftop with Chainsaw Dash.

This achievement involves four separate segments with combat sections spliced in between. The first segment begins once you’ve made it onto the roof and launch off the first dash ramp. The initial run here is not difficult, but the portion after the basketball court mini-game can get tricky.

Remember that only the coins you pickup while dashing count. If you pick up any while running normally, the achievement will not unlock. It is ok to stop your dash (use the jump or attack button) and re-align if you’re having trouble. It is also ok to restart checkpoints if you make a mistake.

Just after the basketball court, you’ll have the option of ramping up to a high path on the right. Take that path. You may have to stop before the first sharp turn, and the second sharp turn soon after that.

In the section after fighting the group of firefighters, continue on until you reach a fork in the path. You must take the right path with all the “do not enter” signs and launch off the ramp into the death trap below. Be very careful when ramping out of this area so as to collect the grouping of airborne coins. After that, it’s smooth sailing.

Groovy Hunter


Kill 500 zombies.

This will unlock naturally before you finish your first run through the game.

Gunn Struck


Struck by lightning 10 times.

On the roof during Stage 2, you’ll encounter a group of firefighters. During this battle, there will be lightning striking all over the place. Clear out the enemies first to make things easier, then intentionally get hit by lightning until the achievement unlocks. Lightning bolts do a little bit of damage, and you can get struck all 10 times without even using a lollipop if you have max health. You can also do this soon before or after this battle section.

Horrid Birthday


Watched the bad ending.

The bad ending is available after the credits roll if you have not rescued all of the classmates. If you rescue all the classmates before beating the game for the first time, you’ll have the option of watching the bad ending instead of the good one.