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Lollipop Chainsaw achievement/trophy guide

I Came, I Saw, I Kicked Its Ass


Defeated Killabilly.

When Killabilly has you in his right hand, push the stick left or right to dig your chainsaw into his fingers and make him move his arm in the corresponding direction. This is how you dodge the zombies he spits at you. When he tries to flick your head off with his left hand, press B/Circle during the quick time event to avoid death. Shoot him in the eyes to damage him. If you run out of ammo, he’ll send some zombies your way who drop ammo upon defeat.

During the second segment, it’s easiest to run over to his right or left armpit and use the A,A,X combo (X,X,Square) to quickly drain his health bar. Once it’s empty, he’ll try and squash you with his hand. Use the right trigger to cut off his fingers (eight presses), then get ready for a QTE. If you die during this QTE, you’ll have to start the entire fight over, so be ready.

Once inside Killabilly, there’s one more QTE. Failing this one only damages you a small amount.

I Swear! I Did It By Mistake!


Peeped under Juliet’s skirt once.

This achievement won’t be dignified here. You’ll have to figure out the ‘trick’ to unlocking it for yourself.

Intermediate Zombie Hunter


Clear Stage 2, surpassing Dad’s score.

Dad’s score on Stage 2 is 185,060.

It’s relatively easy to beat Dad’s score, but here are a few tips if you’re having trouble:

  • Play on Normal
  • Go for as many Sparkle Hunting kills as possible
  • Do not die or restart at any checkpoints. Doing either subtracts 5000 points each time.

International Zombie Hunter


Registered in world leaderboards for all stages.

All you need to do is play and complete all seven stages in any of the Ranking Modes (press X/Square when selecting a stage) and upload your score to the leaderboards after each one.



51 successful dropkicks.

This is cumulative, so you’ll have unlocked this achievement in no time, especially considering the dropkick followed by a quick slice is one of the more effective ways to dispatch zombies when you have few combos to choose from. Just jump, hold a direction, and press the X/Square button. The dropkicks have to connect to count.

Leapfrog Girl


Leapfrogged 10 times in a row.

This can be done on any stage. Kill all but one zombie in any combat area, then face the zombie and press B/Circle. You need to then immediately turn and leapfrog again. The moves have to be in very quick succession to count, and you cannot do any other dodge/attack/movement or it will break the chain (see video). Try to get the timing down and avoid mashing the B/Circle button, as doing so can make Juliet dodge-jump instead.

Legendary Harvester


Harvested all crops in the 1st field with the combine in Stage 3.

The first time you take control of the combine in Stage 3, you’ll be in an open field with 100 zombies. Simply make sure to cut all of the grass before you cut all of the zombies. Simple stuff.

Life Guard


Rescued all classmates in Prologue.

This achievement really only exists to point out that each stage has classmates to rescue. The ones you can rescue will be pointed out to you during short cutscenes and have “SOS” over their heads.

Little Sisters Are The Worst!


Do not get hit by Rosalind’s wrecking ball.

In Stage 5, you’ll run into Rosalind, who’s commandeered a wrecking ball. There are two sections where you’ll have to dodge the ball for this achievement: the first is during a ground battle with a group of zombies. The ball moves slowly here and glows blue, so it’s not difficult to avoid so long as you keep your camera trained on it. If you want to lower your risk of getting hit, activate Soul Star Power and finish off the zombies as quickly as possible.

The next segment involves you using your Chainsaw Blaster to shoot 20+ zombies that are attacking Rosalind. During this segment, she’ll move the crane backwards and forwards, so for the majority of the time, the wrecking ball will be far away from you. As she gets close, be cautious, but if you hang back in the shadows you should be completely clear. Once you finish off all the zombies in this section, the achievement will unlock.