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Live Portal skit triggers our slow clap processors

Good games inspire good reviews, but great games inspire wicked-cool fan tributes. True, this theatrical re-enactment of Portal fromFanime Con 2011may not be as technically complex ashomemade personality cores, or even as slick as theshort filmwe posted yesterday, but it does involve talented geeks doing what they do best, which is really what true fan art is all about. Now, about those frilly portals...

The skit was performed by the group Ninja of the Night (NOTN) during the Masquerade performance event at Fanime 2011 in California. It won the seasoned cosplay troupe the 'Most Dramatic' award, and has since gone on to fetch a decent number of views on YouTube.

NOTN other works include live homages to Pokemon, Silent Hill and Kingdom Hearts – all of which have been collected for your cosplay viewing pleasure at theironline headquarters.

June 1, 2011

Stunning Portal fan-film is sweeter, sadder, and funnier than a box of depressed unicorns. Watch immediately
The best thing you'll watch all day. Fact

*miniature Nolan North not included