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Little Devil Inside gets a "Winter 2022" release window

Little Devil Inside
(Image credit: Neostream)

It looks like we won't be seeing Little Devil Inside until late 2022.

While right now we only have a vague "2022" release window confirmed for the action-adventure game, a new video teaser posted to PlayStation's Instagram account has at least given us a quarter in which we can expect the game: "Winter 2022".

If you watch the video below, you'll see Little Devil Inside features towards the beginning of the reel. And right at the bottom, in teeny writing, it says "releasing Winter 2022".

Of course, "Winter" 2022 may be a touch subjective given the seasonal differences on opposite sides of the equator – and if you're feeling super positive, it could even mean it'll release in January or February next year! – but compared to the release windows given for other games in the same teaser, it's fair to presume we probably won't see the game until Q4 – that's October/November/December – 2022 (thanks, TheGamer).

Little Devil Inside may seem new given it was at the PS5 Reveal Event in 2020, but it was first revealed – via a successful Kickstarter no less – all the way back in 2015, with a then-expected release date in Fall 2016. 

Just a few days after that PS5 Reveal Event, however, the team behind Little Devil Inside had to take to social media to apologize for "racist stereotypes" and "stereotypical connotations" of some of its enemy designs.

If you've been wondering why we haven't seen much else of the game in action, that's seemingly intentional.

"There was a time when before buying a game at your local game shop, there was little or nothing to go on except for a little cover art," developer Neostream's John Choi told Edge earlier this year. "The cover art often just had characters and the world at a glance, but somehow encouraged the player to picture the game in their imagination. This nostalgic essence is what we wanted to recreate with Little Devil Inside, hence our main design concept – minimalism." 

Little Devil Inside is expected to launch on PS4, PS5, and PC before coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Switch at a later date.

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