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Limitless trailer debuts


The first trailer for Bradley Cooper’s trippy, druggy drama Limitless , previously titled The Dark Fields , has debuted online.

Following the life and times of a down-and-out writer with a serious case of the block, Cooper’s latest sees the bumming wannabe author offered a life-changing drug that could, well, change his life.

When a new pill is popped, it opens the brain up, allowing the taker to use his or her entire brain - and not just the usual 20%.

Soon, Cooper’s writer is having the time of his life, both working and playing hard. But is it all as good as it seems?

Check out the trailer below…

Wait, a glossy Hollywood film that advocates drug-taking as an acceptable – nay, beneficial – way of living your life?

Naturally, there are consequences, which should give Cooper the opportunity to prove he’s more than just a comedy joker or an action beefcake. The ratty wig certainly convinces.

Most exciting, he’ll be sharing scenes with one Robert De Niro – which should ensure that even if the premise is a little bit déjà vu, there should be some powerhouse acting on display.

Limitless opens on 18 March, 2011.