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Lego Star Wars III: minikit guide

Asajj Ventress: Liberty on Ryloth


Special skills needed: None

This one is sitting directly to the left of where you start.


Special skills needed: Force

Assemble the pieces on the back-left of the battlefield and activate the panel. Collect all the studs that appear.


Special skills needed: None

Destroy three of the blue flying mechs at the back-left of the battlefield.


Special skills needed: Small, Sith Force

Crawl through the vent at the back of the battlefield, then use the Sith Force on the Darth Vader head.


Special skills needed: Small

Smash the 10 gray rocks spread throughout the battlefield. Note that one of them is up high on the other side of the Small vent.


Special skills needed: Bounty Hunter

Activate the Bounty Hunter panel near the island on the back-right of the battlefield. Now destroy 50 battle droids in the time limit.


Special skills needed: Protocol

Activate the Protocol panel in the middle of the battlefield, and then fly over all the buttons that appear (a path of lights will guide you to each one).


Special skills needed: Sith Force

At the bottom-right corner of the battlefield, use the Sith Force on the glowing object.


Special skills needed: None

Destroy the five palm tress spread throughout.


Special skills needed: None

Keep building stuff until you unlock the "Extras" category. This lets you build a Minikit Dispenser.