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Lego Star Wars III: minikit guide

Asajj Ventress: Storm Over Ryloth


Special skills needed: Rapid Fire Ship

It's a good rule of thumb to buy the Soulless One ship, and use that for all levels where you choose the ship you want to use.

Use the Soulless One's rapid fire to shoot the ten gold objects at the front of the aircraft carrier.


Special skills needed: Small

On the landing pad right next to the gold objects, crawl through the vent.


Special skills needed: None (Only Accessible During "Free Play")

While flying, follow the green arrows to take down five enemy ships.


Special skills needed: Electric

On the left-side landing pad, activate the Electric panel at the bottom, and use the mech to walk over the orange buttons.


Special skills needed: Explosive

Inside the cannon room on the right side of the carrier, destroy the silver box and assemble the resulting debris. There's now a minikit for you outside, which you can grab with your ship.


Special skills needed: None

Hop into any cannon within the carrier, and shoot any 10 of the hundreds of Vulture Droids that appear.


Special skills needed: None (use the Soulless One ship)

Blast the red glowing box on the top level of the aircraft carrier.


Special skills needed: High Jump

Go to the landing pad at the top of the carrier (note you actually cannot land here until you complete the rest of the level objectives on the lower levels). Use High Jump to get the Minikit at the back.


Special skills needed: Rapid Fire

In the bridge, immediately head to the left and blast the gold door.


Special skills needed: Sith Force

Due right from #9, grapple the hook there. Use Sith Force on the resulting rubble.