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Lego Star Wars III: minikit guide

General Grievous: Grievous Intrigue


Special skills needed: None

Go to the front of the ship and use a targeted attack on the windshield. Move your cursor around until a crosshair appears. Hit the windshield five times.


Special skills needed: Rapid Fire

Blast the gold blocks near the front door, then throw the revealed switch.


Special skills needed: Explosive

When you get a break from the Grievous fights, blast the silver box to the right, then shoot the snake that appears.


Special skills needed: Explosive, Force

Attach all the steam valves in the tunnels, using the Force. All five of these are in this area before you return to Grievous, so backtrack if you think you missed one.


Special skills needed: Force

In the area where you have to Force the gold droids to shoot the gold cage, also use him to shoot three gold objects higher in the room.


Special skills needed: Force

In this room, close off all the open holes where the droids are coming out of.


Special skills needed: Rapid Fire

To the right, blast away the gold door to reveal a Minikit.


Special skills needed: Force

In the final room, use the Force to build a staircase out of the purple boxes.


Special skills needed: Electric, Explosive

Explode the silver cage to the right to reveal the Electric panel, then activate the panel. Now take your ship out to blast the escape pod.


Special skills needed: None (Only Accessible During "Free Play")

Follow the arrows to take out five targeted ships.