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Lego Star Wars III: minikit guide

General Grievous: Destroy Malevolence


Special skills needed: Explosive, Force

Use the clone panel to the right at the beginning of the level. In the hidden room, use the Force on the orange control device to shake the Minikit out of the labyrinth maze.


Special skills needed: (Same as other Minikits), Sith Force

Destroy the five red-and-block boxes, which are found in the Minikit #1 and Minikit #2 areas, as well as on the lower-left area near the crane, in the area with the proton torpedoes, and on the bridge.


Special skills needed: None

Grapple the hooks on the right wall in the beginning of the tram hall.


Special skills needed: Protocol, Hover, Rapid Fire

Hover to the platform on the right wall, activate the Protocol panel, and shoot the gold brick.


Special skills needed: Explosive

Blast the silver box on the second platform to reveal an Astromech panel. Then blast the casing that appears around the Minikit.


Special skills needed: Hover

At the end of the tram hall, hover over to an island platform with a button. Stand on the button and ride up the fan.


Special skills needed: Explosive

In the torpedo room, shoot all five silver objects like the one above.


Special skills needed: Force

During the Grievous battle in the torpedo room, use the Force to throw robots at Grievous five times.


Special skills needed: Force

In the room after the torpedo room, assemble the red, yellow, and green lights with the Force. You most likely got this one when you were playing through the main story mode.


Special skills needed: Electric

On the bridge, use the Electric panel on the left side.