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Lego Star Wars III: minikit guide

General Grievous: Shadow of Malevolence


Special skills needed: None (Only Accessible During "Free Play")

Follow the green arrows to shoot the five targeted enemy ships, taking note that the ships are located on both the upper and lower "levels" of space.


Special skills needed: None

On the lower "level" of space, fly to the left of the carrier and do a backflip (press the same directional button twice) to grab this Minikit.


Special skills neded: Sith Force, Electric

On the first landing pad, run to the Electric panel to the right and use Sith Force to create an escape pod. Then hop back on your ship to shoot the pod in space.


Special skills needed: Protocol

Get to the next section of the carrier on foot, and grab the Protocol panel to the right. Dran the pool via the grappling hook.


Special skills needed: None

Head to the left of this area and grapple the giant box to reveal two vehicles. Park one of them on the top button, then drive the other one, in order, from the bottom button up to the second-to-top one.


Special skills needed: Force

In the next area of the carrier, use the Force to drag all the trash cans onto the purple spot.


Special skills needed: Explosive

Destroy the silver discs surrounding the large cannon.


Special skills needed: (Use the Soulless One ship)

Remove the blue barrier via a switch, and then attack the torpedo launcher with your ship.


Special skills needed: High Jump

In the first landing pad, grapple the hook on the left, and use High Jump to grab the Minikit that appears.


Special skills needed: Electric, Explosive

There's another escape pod here. Same thing - activate it then grab it from space.