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Lego Star Wars III: minikit guide

General Grievous: Duel of the Droids


Special skills needed: None

Attack all of the wall panels. Exactly five of them will open up to reveal coffee-filling mug stations. Destroy each of these.


Special skills needed; Small, Electric

Use the Electric panel at the very beginning of the level, enter the room, crawl through the vent, and defeat all the droids on the other end.


Special skills needed: Sith Force

Attack the tiny roving droids that scurry on the floor. Three of these are just roaming around, and two are hidden under Sith Force objects, so use your Sith Force on every glowing red object you see.


Special skills needed: Force -or- Rapid Fire

Destroy the three gold boxes sitting in or around the force field areas. Either use Rapid Fire to get these, or assemble the gold droid helpers in the hallways and they'll do it for you.


Special skills needed: Force

Assemble all five gold droid helpers. They're hidden in the wall panels, so just open every wall panel you see.


Special skills needed: Protocol

There are three Protocol panels to activate. Each one opens a room that causes junk to fall out, including beach balls. Destroy the five beach balls.


Special skills needed: Electric, Hover

In your first Grievous encounter, jump up to the ledge on the right, then hover over to the left (this is much easier with Cad Bane than with an Astromech) and activate the Electric panel.


Special skills needed: Sith Force

Before you put together the Artoo statue, head to the door on the left and use the Sith Force to assemble a Minikit.


Special skills needed: Sith Force

In the hangar, head all the way to the bottom of the screen and use the Sith Force on the two panels, then assemble the pieces to create a UFO. Drive this UFO over the orange buttons.


Special skills needed: None (Only Accessible During "Free Play")

In the hangar, make your way to the top ledge and jump through the grate on the right. In the hidden room, use the grappling hooks to knock over all the robots like bowling. You can take as many bowls as you want and you'll still get the Minikit.