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Lego Star Wars III: minikit guide

Count Dooku: Legacy of Terror


Special skills needed: None (Only Accessible During "Free Play")

Wall-jump up the wall to the right, then grapple the hook above.


Special skills needed: Sith Force

Use the Sith Force on the left-side wall, then rearrange the bricks exactly as in the picture above.


Special skills needed: Explosive, Astromech, Electric, Rapid Fire, Force

Build five special skeletons with the Force, then destroy them. The skeletons will play a little musical ditty when assembled. They're located as such: in the beginning room on top of the left wall, in the room with Minikit #5 (below), in the room with Minikit #6 (below), in the room with Minikit #8 (below), and on top of the left ledge during the final boss.


Special skills needed: None

Attack the five statues that pop out of the walls. All are located in the tunnels after the first room.


Special skills needed: Astromech, Force

Get the panel before the pull-down wall, and in the hidden room use the Force to put the tracks back in line.


Special skills needed: Rapid Fire

After the pull-down wall, blast all the gold rocks and reassemble them. Walk the mech down the cave to activate an orange button - walk to the exposed room.


Special skills needed: Electric, Force, Explosive

In the scene with all the droids and the giant spider web on the right, head left and use the Electric panel. Use the Force on all four rocks, then smash the newly created object.


Special skills needed: Sith, Explosive

Use the heavy weapon gun to shoot the spide web on the right, then use the Force to put all the purple spiders on the web. Attack the giant spider.


Special skills needed: Explosive

During the escape scene (after the boss battle), blast the heavy gun like crazy everywhere until you manage to hit five silver rocks. If you're willing to lose studs, go down slowly to make sure you get all of them, but you might end up being trampled and starting over.


Special skills needed: None (Only Accessible During "Free Play")

At the very end of the level, wall-jump up the double barriers.