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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds MaiaMia baby locations guide

Skull Woods

Baby #66

There are two southern entrances to Lost Woods proper. Take the eastern one; there's a large boulder blocking the path. Lift it to discover a baby underneath.

Baby #67

Look south between the two entrances to spot this one attached to a wall.

Baby #68

Now head up the western path and enter the woods proper. Follow the path to reach these two puffs of grass. Slice up them up to discover another baby.

Baby #69

Now head to the northwest corner of the woods. Here you'll find a skull surrounded by grass; there's a baby inside this strange arrangement.

Baby #70

Head to the destroyed house just east of the woods (the equivalent of Rosso's house in Hyrule). Look south and use a Pegasus Boots charge into the tree here; you'll shake loose a baby.

Baby #71

Head south to find these trees arranged into a V-pattern. Slice up the purple flowers in the middle to reveal another baby.

Baby #72

There's another baby in this direction, just a bit further south. Enter the pit to find it attached to a wall.

Baby #73

Now move west. Just beyond the gateway for Thieves' Town, you can see this baby attached to a cliff wall.


Baby #74

There's a large boulder just outside of the Lorule Sanctuary. Underneath is a baby.

Baby #75

The next baby is attached to the wall north of the Graveyard proper.

Baby #76

Follow this region until it wraps southeast. Use a Pegasus Boots charge on the tree here to shake loose a baby.

Death Mountain

Baby #77

As you ascend, stop at this ledge and drop down. Bust up the skull to free a baby.

Baby #78

Take a left from the Treacherous Tower. Use the Hammer to clear the pegs, then move to the western edge of the platform. Lift the boulder here to reveal a baby.

Baby #79

Head to the incomplete bridge just south of Treacherous Tower. Lift the boulders here to reveal another baby.

Baby #80

This baby is found in the exact same place as Baby #26, just transposed to Lorule. Break up the skull on this ledge to find it.

Baby #81

This is found high on a cliff wall in the extreme southeast corner of the mountain. Merge from the higher ledges to the north to reach it.

Baby #82

The last baby here is just "chilling" on a rock face behind the Ice Ruins.

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