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Kate Winslet and Leo DiCaprio: together again

The last time they shared a set, they were busy being drenched by freezing water and howled at by James Cameron.

But despite that experience, Kate Winslet and Leo DiCaprio seem unafraid about getting back together on screen. At least this time Kate will have the advantage – she can scream back at the director as it’s Sam Mendes, her husband.

They’re teaming up to make Revolutionary Road for DreamWorks, based on Richard Yates’ 1961 novel about post-war disillusionment. According to Variety , the book is a heart-rending and bleak book that follows the misadventures of a seemingly happy suburban couple with two kids in the ‘50s who find themselves caught between their real desires and the pressure to conform. Things go boom and their lives go all to hell. Looks like Mendes is getting back to the dysfunctional themes he explored in American Beauty. But with extra explosions.

Justin Haythe has penned the adaptation and Mendes will crank his cameras this summer.

Source:( variety )