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Just Cause 3 daredevil jump guide

Insula Fonte

Baia #1

Coordinates: 40.017, 43.762

At the southwestern border of the province, overlooking a bridge.

Baia #2

Coordinates: 40.155, 44.560

Overlooking a lighthouse in the southeastern pocket of the region.

Baia #3

Coordinates: 40.301, 44.617

By a windmill just north of the previous jump.

Lacos #1

Coordinates: 41.009, 44.416

This ramp is at the Baia border, just east of Fortalessa.

Lacos #2

Coordinates: 40.867, 43.743

At the top of a large hill just southwest from the lake.

Lacos #3

Coordinates: 40.768, 43.469

Head for the large hill in the middle of the province. There’s a ramp by the windmill up there.


Coordinates: 41.894, 42.608

This ramp is just north of Sancte Lucas.

Feno #1

Coordinates: 42.132, 42.439

Drive up the mountain near the Lavanda border to find this ramp near the peak.

Feno #2

Coordinates: 41.681, 43.053

This ramp is high in the mountains that divide Feno and Lavanda. Hitch a ride from the south gate of Cima Leon to get there.

Feno #3

Coordinates: 42.675, 42.858

Atop a hill immediately southwest of Babica.

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