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Josef Fares shares that It Takes Two has gone gold as well as other game details

It Takes Two
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Josef Fares, director of the upcoming platforming co-op game It Takes Two has today tweeted that the game has “gone gold.”

This means that It Takes Two has completed development and is near enough ready to ship, which isn't too surprising considering that the game is set for release on March 26, 2021. 

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In a recent interview with GamingBolt, Fares revealed new details about the game including that it has a playtime of around 14-15 hours, as well as 25 varied mini-games. Which is similar to the studio's previous title A Way Out, that allowed players to engage in the likes of Connect 4, baseball, darts, and many more during their playthroughs. 

The outspoken video game developer, who is most notably recognized for his appearance at the 2017 Game Awards, also noted that It Takes Two will not feature any collectibles as players “don't need this sh*t.” 

He has also displayed his confidence in the game stating that the game “will take the world record” with how much variation there is. In the same interview, Fares also said that he’s “ready to give you $1,000 if someone genuinely thinks that they get tired of It Takes Two.”

Also similar to Hazelight’s previous release A Way Out, It Takes Two will again be a co-op-only game that allows players to play both online and in-person, with only one person required to have a copy of the game installed. Players will play as divorced couple Cody and May as they attempt to patch their relationship back together whilst navigating through an animated platforming adventure.

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