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How to watch the Dreams Impys awards and see all the best creations out there

You'll need to know how to watch the Impys if you want to join in the biggest annual event for the Dreams community, and you're already in the right place.

The award ceremony for the best creators and creations in all of Dreams will be streamed live starting on Sunday at 9 am PST / noon EST / 5 pm GMT, and you can catch the whole thing via the Twitch embed of Media Molecule's official channel above. The studio is promising a "a wondrously over-the-top awards show" constructed by the team entirely within Dreams. It's like if The Oscars took place inside a movie somehow? This simile bombed before it even got to theaters, sorry.

Anyway, Media Molecule is promising appearances from "special guest judges, many of whom you’ll recognize from around the game industry" as it rolls out the awards. While many of the awards were juried, six of the categories were up for votes by the Dreams community, including Hidden Gem Creator and Best Curator.

You can check out an interactive preview of the event space by heading to Media Molecule's in-game Impys Hub, where you can also unlock an event swag bag and two Impy-exclusive imps to get your interface ready for the festivities too.

This will be the second Impys ceremony, though the first was held on the day the game came out from early access. Now that it's officially been out for a full year, the level of craftsmanship and breadth of creations on display will likely be a world apart.

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