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Homefront newspaper guide

Fire Sale (8 Newspapers)

1. As soon as the level starts step over the wooden boards and look to your left. Walk into the corner of this building near the dumpsters and you can find this paper lying on the ground to the left.

2. Just after the last collectible you’re supposed to enter a building. As you walk through the parking lot towards the door look to your right hand side, it’s on a pile of debris near the handicap parking spots.

3. After exiting the building and hopping down a level you will be near some sandbags with barbed wire. Turn to your right, it’s on top of some metal over here.

4. As you chase off the soldiers in front of the large store an attack chopper will come after you. This leads to your group heading up the street, fighting soldiers coming out of a Hooters. When they leave don’t go with Hopper, instead enter the Hooters and look straight ahead to see some refrigeration units. The paper is on the ground near them.

5. With the last paper in hand follow Rianna and Connor. After going under the fence they will set up near another door while talking about the white phosphorous. Walk past them to find a NOS vending machine to your left with the paper on the ground by it.

6. Inside of the Tiger Direct store you will find a video game counter. Go behind this counter to find the newspaper on the ground.

7. You will leave the store and have to make a mad dash for a truck, throwing a transmitter onto it. With that done head back to regroup with your allies. As you go you will see a checkpoint to your left with a guard hut right in front of you (near a fence). Go inside of the hut to find this on the floor.

8. A running firefight will break out in the store while the place burns down to the ground. When you reach the emergency exit head in with Connor but don’t go up the stairs. Go behind them as the newspaper is down here.